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Volume 80, October-December 2008

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The topic of guarding our thoughts and bringing them all into captivity to Christ is so relevant to each of our lives. We trust that the articles will be a blessing and encouragement as each of you seek God's grace to stand strong in the battle and glorify Him in every aspect of your thought-life.

Volume 80
Theme: The Battle of the Mind

Thoughts...From a Fellow Pilgrim
~ By Abigail M. Paul ~
Continuing from last editorial's look at brokenness, this article reminds us that the process of brokenness is a necessary prerequisite for truly knowing Him and being able to share His glory with everyone around us. It is "not for nothing."

Four pages of feedback from readers, including several photos, will make you feel like you've received a stack of letters from old friends. :-)

Wise Counsel
Do you, as a believer, find yourself dreading Christ's return to earth? What should our attitude toward His return be, and how can we come to truly anticipate it? Seven thoughtful answers are printed here.

What Are You Thinking Of?
~ By Emily B.~
No matter what your thoughts are, Scripture has a response. Are you thoughts in line with God's will and truth?

Waging Battle For Your Mind
~ By a reader~
There is a tremendous battle going on for the mind of every person. As believers, we have access to powerful armor to protect and aid us in the fight. Are you standing firm and using these weapons?

The War in Each of Us
~ By Jerome G. ~

Jerome points out the vital importance of keeping our thoughts submitted to Christ, and gives Scriptural promises we can cling to in the battle.

Mission: The Mind
~ By Danielle G. ~

Satan tempts each of us in different ways, and Danielle reminds us that those of us who have grown up in Christian homes are particularly vulnerable in our thought-life. God is on our side!

Don't Think About Submarines!
~ By Kristen P. and Chandra B. ~

Here are two little testimonies which demonstrate the need to control our thoughts in everyday life circumstances. How are you doing in the battle?

Within the Mind of Pontius Pilate
~ By Shiloh S. ~
Using a story format, Shiloh gives us a glimpse of the battle that may have been going on in the mind of Pontius Pilate during Jesus' trial and crucifixion: a vivid example of the power of our thoughts as they influence our decisions and actions.

Blessed Are The Pure In Heart
~ By Mrs. Gloria Y. ~
Mrs. Y. shares a clear reminder to not let the world influence our thoughts (and, in turn, our convictions and attitudes and actions). God will guide us with His still, small voice if we are quiet before Him.

Pure and Godly Thoughts
~ By Amy P. ~
Conquering impure thoughts takes diligent effort, but God does give strength and His ways work. Amy shares some practical ideas for the battle.

The Paul Family Chronicle
This final edition of the Chronicle inclues some farewell reflections by Abigail, along with a selection of recent photos.

God Calls
~ By Erin M. ~
What does God call His children to do? Have you heard His call, and are you following it in obedience? This is the only path of blessing.

Standing Alone
~ By Rebekah W. ~
Standing alone is difficult, but God has showed Rebekah through several examples in nature that it brings many blessings.

The Bibliophile's Niche
Three books are reviewed in this issue: two fictional stories with good lessons, and a book on prayer for younger readers.

These Very Trials
~ By J.P. ~
The house owners decided they were moving back in, and J.P.'s family couldn't find another place to rent. This is the story of their time of homelessness, and what God taught J.P. through the trials.

Conducting Friendships
~ By Mrs. Kelly S. ~
Friendships among Christian women are a very special thing, but there are guidelines we need to keep in mind so the blessing is not tainted. Mrs. S. shares her wise advice with us.

Talkative Tots
This popular column of cute quotes by children will have you smiling and laughing, as always. :-)

Spare Moments
~ By Sarah B. ~
Have you ever added up all the "spare moments" in your days and realized what a valuable resource they are? Sarah gives some practical ideas of ways those moments can be put to good use, redeeming the time for God's glory.

A Promise-Keeping God
~ By Quinn D. ~
Subtitled "...and the role of Christian young people," this article challenges us to remember God and keep Him first in every area of our lives.

Subscriber's Corner
You'll enjoy meeting Mrs. Sarah C. and her adorable little family, who write from their new farm home in OR. Includes three photos and a favorite hymn.

A Time To Cook...A-Maize-ing Dishes
This collection of corn recipes comes just in time for Thanksgiving - along with a poem about the first Thanksgiving and a reminder of how much we have to be thankful for today.

A typical grab-bag of ads is printed in this issue: something for everyone. :-)

Discover the Treasures of God's Wisdom
This issue's Bible reading schedule is again prepared by reader Samantha R. We'll be working through the book of Psalms, with weekly reading selections and memory verses that focus on the theme of the battle to keep our thoughts submitted to Christ.

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