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Volume 36
This issue of Hidden Wisdom (Vol. 36, July-August 2000), was printed on June 21, and the majority of the copies have been sent to subscribers at the time of this writing (July 2). I praise the Lord that I was able to get this issue out on time, even with our trip to Knoxville in May and the time we spent at the Iowa homeschool convention.

I have learned a lot by putting this issue together -- it has caused me to evaluate the time that I spend with the Lord, and given me a greater desire to get to know Him better.

Here's an outline of what this issue contains:

Theme: Spending Time With God

  • Editorial on the subject of facing fear -- twice as long as ever before!
  • Two and a half pages of Epistolography -- encouraging letters from readers.
  • The results of HW's March-April 2000 Survey -- thanks to all participants!
  • Wise Counsel answers to "how do I witness to unsaved neighbors and relatives?"
  • That We May Know Him -- an excellent 3+ page article by Mrs. Sandra D.
  • Practicing God's Presence -- seven steps to drawer closer to the Lord.
  • He Came Today -- a poem from a mother's perspective, by Mrs. Marcia M.
  • The Daily Fountain -- a fictional story with lessons by Jamie S.
  • Partake of Him -- insights on quiet time by Erin M.
  • Spend Time With God -- written by Jolea J. and illustrated by Laura S.
  • The Story of My Life, Chapter 31 -- read about our first county fair entries, our visit from Austrian relatives, and more! With photos and diary excepts, as always.
  • The Faith Room, Part 3 -- written by Samantha J. and illustrated by Sara F. Don't miss this exciting conclusion to the story!
  • A Favorite Hymn History ("Precious Lord") -- a touching, first-hand account by the hymn-writer, Tommy A. Dorsey
  • Born For Endurance -- a strong exhortation to real Christian living by Horatius Bonar
  • The Courage to Witness -- pattern for quilt square #9
  • Just a Dog? -- the true story of a girl's love for her pet and tragedy by Debbie Lynn S.
  • Subscriber's Corner -- Meet Katie Marie E.
  • A Time to Cook... Bountiful Berries -- a collection of mouthwatering berry recipes.
  • God's Path for Me, Installment 5 -- by Mrs. Josie C.
  • Daily Bible Readings and Weekly Memory Verses for July and August
  • And much more in between!!

Click here to see how you can receive a copy of this exciting issue -- we look forward to hearing from you!

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