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Volume 38
The latest issue of Hidden Wisdom (Vol. 38, November-December 2000), is currently on it's way to the majority of the subscribers (as of the end of October, 2000). This issue is packed full of encouraging articles -- many of them dear to my own heart -- on dealing with trials and tribulations in our lives. We all will face hard times in life, and it's important that we keep the right perspective, even when things look the blackest. God is still on the throne, and He loves us more than we know! "He knoweth the way that I take: when He hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold" (Job 23:10).

Everyone who is going through difficulties right now will be blessed by these articles and testimonies! Of course, as always, this issue contains many articles on a variety of other subjects as well.

Here's an outline of what this issue contains:

Theme: Triumph Over Trials

  • From the Editress -- deals with how "God sees differently than we do," and how we should demonstrate Christ's love to those around us.
  • Two and a half pages of Epistolography -- encouraging letters from readers.
  • Wise Counsel answers to "How do I become friends with my older siblings?"
  • Standing on the Rock -- a special poem by Betty Scott Stam
  • Try Me -- A look at how everything in life, even little annoyances, can be used of God to fashion you into the person He wants you to be.
  • Songs in the Dungeon -- the inspiring testimony of the great Christian woman, Jeanne Marie Guyon (1648-1717), by Mrs. Gloria Y.
  • Stepping in the Light -- this is a new column, written by Jennifer S. from Oregon. This issue's article is on the topic of "Thankfulness."
  • Thoughts on Troubles and Trials -- this excellent article based on Job 23:10 was written by John Chrysostom (345-407 A.D.).
  • God Uses Problems -- This encouraging article is by Lynette C. Mendoza.
  • Undying Love -- in this touching article, Grace D. from Indiana tells the testimony of how the Lord took her little sister home to be with Him, and shares the lessons and blessings that came as a result.
  • The Story of My Life, Chapter 33 -- read all about the exciting events surrounding our Thanksgiving of 1991: many out-of state guests, a surprise baby showers, a car accident, a play, house construction, and more! With photos and diary excepts, as always.
  • A Price to Pay, Chapter 2, Trapped! -- You won't want to miss this part of Jolea Jensen's thrilling story!
  • Precious in His Sight -- this is another new column premiering in this issue. In in Jana B. shares lessons that she has learned from working with children and telling them of God's love. Complete with photos, this article is one almost anyone will enjoy.
  • I Have Been Delivered -- this is the amazing true testimony of a believer from India. Your faith will be strengthened as you read how God delivered him from his sins, and also from the persecution he has suffered.
  • Personalized Bible Cover -- This easy-to understand pattern by Adrienne G. instructs you how to make a lovely Bible cover.
  • A Favorite Hymn History ("God Moves in Mysterious Ways") -- read about the amazing circumstances behind this beautiful hymn.
  • Subscriber's Corner -- Meet Victoria L. and her family, from Indiana.
  • A Time to Cook...Recipe Potluck -- this selection of delicious recipes will have your mouth watering and your feet heading for the kitchen before you know it!
  • God's Path for Me -- here is the 6th installment of Mrs. Josie Cromer's testimony.
  • The Watered Lilies -- this poem has a special message for each of us!
  • Daily Bible Readings and Weekly Memory Verses for November and December -- join us as we read through the book of Job.
  • And much more in between!!

Click here to see how you can receive a copy of this exciting issue -- we look forward to hearing from you!

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