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Please drop me a note!

I am so excited to finally be able to offer this compilation to you! This 40-page issue offers a unique, "inside" look at Hidden Wisdom's humble beginning. I've added notes to many of the articles to help you understand why I wrote each story. In this compilation, I have tried to reproduce the appearance of the original issues to a large degree so all the graphics and fonts (with the exception of the cover, editorial, and 2-page section about HW) are those originally used.

I have several goals for putting this compilation together: no, it's not to "show off" my writings -- on the contrary, I don't think these are examples of fine writing at all. :-) (1) I want to share part of HW's history with those of you who have had such a part in its making and (2) I want to inspire you young would-be editors and editresses, and show that there's nothing wrong with starting small. Just do the best you can with the talents and equipment the Lord has given you: He will bless your efforts as you follow His leading!

I pray these humble little articles will be a blessing and inspiration to each of you who get a copy. To God alone be all glory and praise -- great things He hath done!!

Here's an outline of what this issue contains:
(All articles are by me, Abigail, unless otherwise noted)

From Volume 1 (May 1991):
  • Junk Robbery at the Brown Residence
  • Unexpected Visitors
  • Eddie Finds Electric Fish
  • Great Lamb Race at Laurel
  • President Bush Wins Baseball Game in Gilman!
  • Goat Runs Away With Cart!!

From Volume 2 (April 1992):

  • Employee Catches Rats!
  • Susanna Wins Limbo in Marshalltown
  • Grandma Visits Grandson
  • Zebras
  • Take Time to Laugh (a collection of jokes)
  • The Longtrip's Long Trip
  • Seven Little Pigs
  • A Report on Hampsters

From Volume 3 (April 1993):

  • Gilbert and Gretchen
  • Join Expedition to Discover Fountain of Youth! (by Steve Paul)
  • Chicken Time!
  • The Strange Manure Episode
  • The World is Mine (poem, author unknown)
  • John Paul Jones: Revolutionary Hero
  • Facts About our Stars and Stripes

From Volume 4 (April 1994):

  • They're Heading for Virginia (or are they?)
  • California Company!
  • Keep Off the Grass
  • Sadie Visits the Chicken House!!
  • Our Vacation
  • The History of Wallpaper and Wicker
  • Company Corner!
  • Lost and Found
  • Special Reports

From Volume 5 (April 1995):

  • Shearing Time!
  • Party!
  • Bible Quiz! (By Don H., Sr.)
  • Anthony's Adventure With the Ashbys
  • If Jesus Came to Your House (poem, author unknown)
  • Sam and Sally's Situation
  • Mike, a Moose, and a Prayer (by Granddad Denniston)
  • Bible Contest
  • Special Notice (survey)

PLUS, each issue contains:

  • One page of delicious recipes
  • Birth announcements (mainly of our pets)
  • Obituaries (humorous acounts of animal deaths)
  • Family news
  • Unique graphics

Click here to see how you can receive a copy of this exciting issue --
we look forward to hearing from you!

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