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Please drop me a note!

Please take a moment to fill out this survey, then send it to Hidden Wisdom by clicking the "submit" button below. If others who read your copy of HW are also interested in filling out the survey, please encourage them to do so -- everyone's opinions are needed! Thank you for taking the time to help!

About You

1. Your Name:

2. You are a:

3. Your Age (optional):
10 or less
66 or more

4. Your State or Province:

5. Your Email Address:
Yes, I'd like to be part of HW's e-mail list, to receive updates about this website, notices of needed articles, etc. (E-mails are sent out every 1-2 months. We promise to not to sell or give away your address!)
No, I'm not interested in being part of HW's e-mail list, thanks anyway.
I'm already a part of HW's e-mail list.

6. Subscription status:
Current subscriber
Former subscriber
I borrow the printed issues from a friend
I received a sample issue
I've never received a printed issue, but read the online articles

Your Opinions

7. Some readers have told us their HW issues have been damaged in the mail. We're wondering if this is a bigger problem than we realize, especially since US issues have been sent via standard mail in the past year. On the following scale, rate the average condition of the issues you've received within the past 12 months:
Poor -                                     - Perfect
Compared to previous years, is this amount of damage:
About the same
I'm a new subscriber so don't know

8. About how many people regularly read your HW issues? Who do you share them with?

9. How often do you visit HW's website, on an average?
This is my first time
I've been here a couple times before
Several times a year
At least once every issue

10. In the past year, which articles/columns/topics in HW have had the most impact on your life?
Check your top 5 favorites:
Wise Counsel
Continuing stories (fictional)
Bibliophile's Niche
Subscriber's Corner
Recipe Column
Gems From God's Treasure Chest
Stepping in the Light
Blessed Are the Pure in Heart
Paul Family Chronicle
Precious in His Sight
Every Herb of the Field
General thematic articles
General non-thematic articles
Daily Bible Readings

11. List the following theme ideas in order of preference (1=first choice):
 Having a Biblical Worldview
 The Priviledge of Prayer
 Seeking True Wisdom
 Loving Our Enemies
 Setting Priorities
 Overcoming Fear

11b. List your other theme ideas here:

12. What factors do you look for and appreciate in a magazine? What helps you decide to resubscribe?

13. Do you have any other suggestions, comments, or ideas for us?

Thank you so very much for taking the time to help out!!


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