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Man of Prayer:
An Example of Prioritizing

I was browsing through the latest issue of HW, and felt compelled to bring to your attention a wonderful man who is an example of having proper priorities...

It was the late 1800’s, and at the moment to which we are sneaking back into history, there sits a man at the head of a dinner table, giving thanks for a meal. All around the hall, many, many children are quietly awaiting the word which will give them permission to begin eating.

The man is George Mueller, and the big city in which he is living is Bristol, England. Mr. Mueller has opened and oversees hundreds of orphanages throughout England, but he has never asked for one cent to be put towards his work. All the money he has ever needed, the Lord has provided in due time, and George has never doubted Him.

Slowly the “Amen” is spoken, and everyone happily begins to eat. No one but George knows that they do not have another meal on hand, and he does not know where the next one will come from. But George is surprisingly calm as he smiles and tilts his head slightly upwards: “Ah Lord, I thank you for this meal you have so graciously provided. Help the children to consume it slowly, and I thank you that you will be providing breakfast tomorrow. Please help me to sleep restfully tonight, as I am still not easily settled when we have no food or money, though I know you will bring it in due time.” He turns back and watches contentedly as the children laugh together and eat their supper.

The next morning, George takes a walk. He is praying that the Lord will handle the orphanages’ needs when a friend walks up.

“George, I would like you to accept this money for your orphanage. I felt the Lord leading me to give it to you this morning, and so here I am. Please take it!”

George smiles kindly and thanks the man, never telling him of his previous need. He walks off with a silent prayer of thanks, awaiting the next miracle from God that will supply their lunch.

George Mueller was indeed a man of prayer. He kept a journal over all his years of service to the Lord, recording every little thing that was needed. He would daily pray for each one until it was answered and given. He would then record how and when the prayer was answered, and go on. If the specific prayer was not answered, it was answered in a different way, so that the Muellers’ work was never lacking of supplies and funds.

Once George knew five men that were not saved, and he began daily praying for their salvation. It was over the span of about 15 years of daily prayer that all five came to know Jesus. Slowly, one at a time, the Lord brought them to his side, giving George more faith to go on praying. George recorded in his journal when he started praying for the men, and so many years later he recorded when each one was saved. The Lord works in amazing ways, does he not?!

I think this incredible man of prayer can be a lesson and model to us all. In fact, I think a great part of the reason the God worked in George Mueller’s life was to be an example for us to follow. He was indeed a man who had his life prioritized in the right manner. Everything went into God’s hands, and God handled everything. I think faith is a big part of properly prioritizing our lives. We need to start our day off with prayers of thankfulness and needs, knowing that he hears, and end the day with thankfulness and confidence—in expectance of the day to come.

Alexane R. is a home schooling freshman, living in northern California
with her parents and four siblings. She enjoys riding her horse, writing, soccer, basketball, jogging, the Bible, and more!

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