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Search Your Heart
Her patient, kindly face,
Across which time had ploughed many furrows,
Displayed planted seeds of character and worth
That only our understanding and loving Father knows.
Keenly aware to the life that throbbed and surged about her
In the fields of time, she daily covers and hoes
Knowing it is the only way love grows.

Other women who sit on hotel verandahs,
Those fashionable watering places,
Gowned in silks and laces
With hands knowing no heavier task than empty social graces,
Toy with greatest care that passing years trials and tears,
Should leave no record upon their faces.

Search into your heart and decide
While time passes like mist in your hands.
Will you choose the hollow dreams of extravagance
Serving no one but your own desires and demands
Or would you rather a sturdy figure in a plain calico dress
Giving life and gathering a bit of wrinkle that lovingly understands?

Psalms 139:23
By Mrs. Marcia M., WA

Simply a Lady
What makes a lady, a well-bred woman of nobility,
Whose price is far above rubies, living in truth and harmony?
First of all, in her heart, she does not pretend to be.
She simply is a lady.

Second, she thinks about things that really matter.
All the fine dresses and jewels in the world she does not prefer,
Things that are of no value beyond the Sepulcher.
She simply is a lady.

Third, keeping her body beautiful, healthy and strong,
Expresses her heart and mind in simple song.
Whether anyone will see her or not, in essence always she belongs.
She simply is a lady.

Her children rise up and call her blessed
And her husband also praiseth her.

Proverbs 31:28
By Mrs. Marcia M., WA

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