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Volume 37
The latest issue of Hidden Wisdom (Vol. 37, September - October 2000), was just finished. In fact, as of today (August 22), I haven't even made the copies of it yet! Lord willing, we'll be able to go to town to do that tomorrow, and I'll be able to get the issues out to each of you by the first of September. So, enjoy this preview of the issue until you get the "real" thing! =)

Here's an outline of what this issue contains:

Theme: Service to God and Others

  • From the Editress -- compares Lincoln's "Gettysburg Address" with our mission today as Christians
  • Heartprints -- a touching poem
  • Two and a half pages of Epistolography -- encouraging letters from readers.
  • Wise Counsel answers to "How can I know the Lord's will for my life?"
  • When the Reaping Time Comes -- an article by that great man of prayer and faith, George Muller
  • Spreading Happiness -- "The best way to be happy is to make others happy" -- so says writer, Shelley B.
  • The Trivial Round, the Common Task -- an inspiring 4 1/2 page article on service and contentment by F. B. Meyer
  • As Unto the Lord -- many practical ideas on how to serve others, by Katelyn Rebecca
  • The Story of My Life, Chapter 32 -- read about the first and only time i entered projects in the state fair, and our eventful day there -- ending with us dressed up as chickens! You'll also learn the origin of my life-long hobby: stamp collecting. With photos and diary excepts, as always.
  • A Price to Pay, Chapter 1, Hunting Season -- You won't want to miss the first installment of this thrilling story by Jolea J.!
  • Let Her Own Works Praise Her -- a touching tribute by Jami P. about her mother, complete with 3 photos.
  • Sharing the Gospel -- an excellent article on witnessing by Jolea J., with many real-life, personal illustrations.
  • A God-Given Opportunity -- a 2-page true story by Charity G. from Brazil. Read how this missionary family has been able to impact the lives of a family torn apart by sin and abuse.
  • Subscriber's Corner -- Meet Jaime R.
  • The Children -- this poem by Daniel G. has an important lesson.
  • Decoupage Photo Box -- the first craft idea by new columnist, Adrienne G., complete with beautiful calligraphy and illustrations.
  • A Favorite Hymn History ("Jesus, Lover of My Soul") -- learn how Charles Wesley wrote this favorite song.
  • A Time to Cook...Bushels of Apples -- once again, columnist Theresa W. has compiled a wonderful selection of reader's favorite recipes. These delicious apple recipes will arrive just in time for the apple harvest.
  • A Lesson in Loving -- all pet-lovers will want to read this true story by David G.! It's a first-hand account of how a 9-year-old boy rescued a puppy from a crowd of rowdy Brazilian children, of the puppy's return to health.
  • Let's Make a Quilt -- here are the final instructions on how to finish up the quilt that Jessica L. designed for HW readers. You also won't want to miss all the words to the "Crayon Song" which the quilt was based on!
  • Daily Bible Readings and Weekly Memory Verses for September and October
  • And much more in between!!

Click here to see how you can receive a copy of this exciting issue -- we look forward to hearing from you!

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