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Volume 39
Well, the new issue of Hidden Wisdom (Vol. 39, January-February 2001), is all finished and ready to be copied (as of today, December 26, 2000), but we have had so many blizzards here in Iowa that we haven't been able to get to town yet! =) Lord willing, we will make the copies tomorrow, and then the issues will soon be on their way to the subscribers. Thanks to each of you for your patience!

This issue ended up having a lot of variety in it: there's something that everyone in the family can learn from! I hope each of you will find it to be an encouragement!

Here's an outline of what this issue contains:

Theme: Peace at Home

  • From the Editress -- Together, we stand at the gate of a new year, but we can trust the Lord for what the future may bring!
  • Four pages of Epistolography -- encouraging letters from readers, including a very insightful letter from a mother on the subject of a peaceful home.
  • Wise Counsel answers to "How can I keep track of prayer requests I receive, and become a better prayer warrior?"
  • Stepping in the Light -- this time Jennifer S. addresses the subject of Peace at Home, from the perspective of a big sister of 5.
  • Peace at Home -- an article by a girl in a family of nine: practical ideas.
  • Peaceful Pastimes -- a fun game that can help your family pass the time peaceably.
  • Honorable Office -- a reminder of the importance of honoring our fathers, no matter what.
  • Pillars in our Father's House -- this excellent 3-page article, written by Valerie S., encourages girls to follow God's plan in their relationship with their family.
  • Used of God -- Written by a sister in Christ, this article reminds us that each of us plays an important part in the peace at our home. We must do our part and not leave it up to others!
  • The Story of My Life, Chapter 34 -- this rather sad chapter of my life tells about when our friends lost their 3 year old son/brother. Though I was only 11 at the time, the Lord taught me a lot through it! With photos and diary excepts, as always.
  • A Price to Pay, Chapter 3, The Rescuer -- You won't want to miss this part of Jolea J.'s thrilling story!
  • Precious in His Sight -- as the caption above says, this time Jana B. deals with practical ways to keep children occupied -- this 3-page article includes many fun projects and ideas!
  • The Sufferings of This Present Time -- Take a peek into subscriber Jami P.'s heart -- see how the Lord has brought her through afflictions and strengthened her faith. Though it has not been an easy journey, she praises Him for His faithfulness.
  • Triumph and Tragedy in Zambia -- in this inspiring true account, read how a young girl gave her life while spreading the gospel in Africa. Who will be willing to take her place? Is the Lord calling you today?
  • A Favorite Hymn History ("Saved By Grace") -- complete with a photo of poet Fanny Crosby.
  • Subscriber's Corner -- all about Amanda C. and her family.
  • A Time to Cook...Recipe Potluck -- recipe columnist Theresa W. has again gathered a delicious selection of reader's favorite recipes. You'll want to try them out some cold winter day!
  • Three-Tier Skirt Pattern -- Here's another easy-to understand pattern by Adrienne G. -- you'll want to whip up several of these skirts for yourself or your family!
  • Daily Bible Readings and Weekly Memory Verses for January and February -- this time we're reading through several of Paul's epistles: there is much wisdom in these books that we need to apply to our family relations!
  • And much more in between!!

Click here to see how you can receive a copy of this exciting issue -- we look forward to hearing from you!

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