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Volume 44
I am excited to be getting this issue finished up slightly earlier than some months. We are busy with harvest here on the farm, so I'm not sure yet just when I'll be able to get to town to make copies -- Lord willing, it will be before too long. :-)

This issue is full of important, hard-hitting reminders as to the importance of guarding our tongues. I've learned a lot while putting it together! May we all learn to pray along with the Psalmist, "Set a watch, O Lord, before my mouth; keep the door of my lips."

Here's an outline of what this issue contains:

Theme: The Power of the Tongue

From the Editress
By Abigail M. Paul
Musings on history... What will your life count for after your death? Are you fully living for the Lord today?

Three and a half pages of encouraging comments and feedback from readers.

Wise Counsel
What do you do with a penpal who demonstrates a devisive, arguementative spirit? This issue includes three insightful answers to this difficult question.

Watch Your Tongue
Kristen K. submitted these very thought-provoking excerpts from chapter 7 of Beautiful Girlhood by M. Hale, revised by Karen Andreola.

Temptation's Threshold
By Emilee Elisabeth
A good reminder that God knows everything about us, even our thoughts.

The Power of the Tongue
By Kristen K.
This article clearly shows from Scripture how vital it is for each of us to watch what we say!

The Tongue
A powerful reminder of how this "little member" may be used for good or for evil.

Truthful Speech
By Rebekah C.
A true story of how a lie made a ten-year-old girl miserable -- until it was confessed and forgiven.

Gems From God's Treasure Chest
By Amanda O.
In this column, Amanda shares about "Taming our Tongues," and includes several appropriate poems and quotes.

Nobody's Friend
The hard truth about gossip, and the terrible effects it has on it's victims.

Sensitive Speech
By Mrs. Sandra D'E.
A helpful reminder that a Christian will speak sensitively, always keeping the feelings of others in mind.

By Tabitha H.
The sad, yet true, experiences of a girl whose family has been the victim of gossip.

The Story of My Life, Chapter 39
By Abigail M. Paul
Read all about the exciting happenings surrounding the birth of my new little brother, Daniel! Includes diary entries and 3 photos of our family from 1992.

A Price to Pay, Chapter 8
By Jolea J.
You certainly won't want to miss this exciting and touching conclusion to this story! Will Mr. Peters accept the Lord as his Saviour or not? Read it to find out! Includes another excellent illustration by Cherish F.

Only Trusting
By Jana Baldridge
What is a girl to do when God suddenly changes the neat little plan she'd mapped out for her life? Learn how the Lord has been working in Jana's life, and teaching her to trust him, no matter what!

Who Is My Neighbor?
By Mr. Dane B. of Ecuador
"Who is my neighbor? Or, rather, Am I a good neighbor?" The answers to these questions are often very convicting, and this article hits home.

Delicious Dill
After a hiatus of one issue, Erika M.'s "Every Herb of the Field" column is back! After reading this article, you'll be as enthused as Erika is about this diverse herb! Includes a recipe for potato salad with dill.

In the Garden
By Grandmother D.
Fall is here, and the garden is changing. Take a walk through Grandmother's garden in this issue; you'll be blessed!

The Bibliophile's Niche
Four excellent book reviews are included in this issue -- just in time for the colder weather that makes you want to curl up and read a good book.

Are You Thirsty For God?
By Mrs. Sandra D'E.
This excellent, thought-provoking article will cause you to ask yourself, "Do I diligently seek the Lord will all of my heart, mind, and strength?"

Subscriber's Corner
In this issue we get acquainted with Rachel L. and her family of ten from OH. Includes 6 photos.

Recipes from...Mom's Menus
In this issue, HW Food Editor, Theresa W., has prepared a tribute to her mother! Included is a photo of Theresa's family, Mrs. W.'s introduction, and six of her favorite recipes.

Blessed Are the Pure in Heart
By Mrs. Gloria Y.
In this issue, Mrs. Y. addresses the topic of having pure speech, and it's importance in the believer's life.

Discover the Treasures of God's Wisdom!
By Rachel P. and Abigail Paul
The Daily Bible Readings for this issue are from Genesis. Join us, and discover many "treasures" of wisdom!!

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Online Resources
Though all the submitted articles on the theme were able to fit in this issue, I have compiled an extensive list of thought-provoking and interesting quotes on the power of the tongue -- see it here.

I also found several excellent articles on other websites that I thought you would be blessed by. Please keep in mind that I do not necessary agree with every point made in every article listed here (much less agree with other articles that are included on each of these websites!), but I have included each of these articles because they are thought-provoking and they motivated me to check out the Scriptures for my own. I pray you'll be motivated to do the same!
(These will open in a new browser window for your convenience.)

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