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Volume 49
I can't wait to share this issue with you all! Several excellent articles on the subject of sibling relationships were submitted; I'm sure you'll be particularly blessed by a wonderful, 8-page testimony by the Smith sisters. It has certainly challenged me to work harder at my own relationships with my siblings!

Here's an outline of what this issue contains:

Theme: Sibling Relationships

From the Editress
~ By Abigail M. Paul ~
Thoughts on my siblings and my duties as a "big sister."

Three pages of encouraging comments and feedback from readers, including three photos.

Wise Counsel
If, like most of us, you have struggled with keeping your thought life pure and pleasing to God, you will appreciate the WC answers in this issue -- three pages of solid, Biblical advice!

Stepping in the Light
~ By Jennifer S. ~
Jennifer shares about her relationships with her siblings, and includes photos of her two brothers and sister.

A Three-Fold Cord
~ By Stacey, Emily, and Hannah S. ~
This 8-page feature article is one you definitely don't want to miss! The three sisters share how they used to be enemies, but now, through the grace of God, they are best friends. In a down-to-earth, humorous way, they describe problems most all of us can relate to, and then give practical advice on healing relationships.

Blessed are the Pure in Heart
~ By Mrs. Gloria Y. ~
As an older sister in Christ, Mrs. Y. gives her perspective on sibling relationships and challenges us to make the most of the years we are together.

Memories of Days Gone By
~ By Jolea J. ~
Take a moment to reminisce with Jolea about the joys of childhood fun with brothers and sisters. Hear all about eating "Mystery Food," making up games like "Animaland" and "Go Around the House," and much more! :-)

Restoring Relationships
~ By Amanda O. ~
Thoughts on why sibling relationships are worth cultivating and, if necessary, restoring -- including examples from Scripture.

The Story of My Life, Chap. 44
~ By Abigail M. Paul ~
In this installment, you'll read all about our adventure-packed two week trip down to AR, MO, and OK in August 1993 -- we went to two family camps and visited at 6 different homes. Oh, and why does Joseph look so funny, with a fat nose and upper lip? :-) Includes three photos.

Heart of Compassion
~ By Jana B. ~
Have you ever felt helpless when trying to relate to and encourage someone else? Have you realized what a blessing it is just to know God?

Creative Herb Ideas
~ By Erika M. ~
Need some enthusiasm for raising and using herbs? Read this article and Erika's exuberance will rub off on you. :-) This time she tells us all about Thyme, including a favorite recipe.

Fellowship with the Father
~ By Mrs. Sandra D'E. ~
Can you hear God calling "Where are you?" A thoughtful article, with a challenge to draw closer to our Saviour.

A Very Best Friend
~ By Naomi H. ~
Thoughts on the truest Friend anyone can have -- our precious Saviour!

The Bibliophile's Niche
This column includes two reviews for excellent Christian books.

Subscriber's Corner
Here we get to meet Rachel G. and her family of nine. Includes three photos.

Let's Make a Box Cupboard!
~ By Jessica L. D. ~
Are you looking for a fun and easy craft that also makes a great, inexpensive gift? Then you'll want to try this unique project!

An Array of Recipes
Recipe columnist Theresa W. has compiled a selection of reader's favorite recipes that you all will want to try! :-)

Discover the Treasures of God's Wisdom!
Our daily Bible reading schedule for September and October covers the books of 1 and 2 Samuel. The weekly memory verse suggestions are all on the topic of sibling relationships and peace at home.

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Online Resources
A selection of quotes and poems submitted for this theme didn't fit in the printed issue, so I've included them here. Be sure to check them out!

Thoughts on Sibling Relationships
A selection of excellent quotes various authors, and a poem -- all encouraging and challenging!

A Tribute to Sisters
Would you like to encourage your sisters in a special way? Here are some special little poems and quotes that are sure to brighten their day. :-)

I also found several excellent articles on other websites that I thought you would be blessed by. Please keep in mind that I do not necessary agree with every point made in every article listed here (much less agree with other articles that are included on each of these websites!), but I have included each of these articles because they are thought-provoking and they motivated me to check out the Scriptures for my own. I pray you'll be motivated to do the same!
(These will open in a new browser window for your convenience.)

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