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Volume 68, November-December 2005

Loving God is such a basic aspect of the Christian life that it can be difficult to define. Yet doing so is very important if we are to fulfill what Jesus called the greatest commandment: to love God with all our hearts, minds, and souls. We pray that this issue will be an encouragement to each of you along these lines.

We hope many of you are able to participate in this year's photo contest! Also, please take time to fill out HW's 2006 survey (exclusively online this year) -- whether you're a long-time subscriber, have received only a couple printed issues, or only read online, your opinions are needed and appreciated!

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Here's an outline of what this issue contains:

Volume 70
Theme: Loving God

Thoughts...From a Fellow Pilgrim
~ By Abigail M. Paul ~
This editorial takes a personal look at the story of Achan -- his temptation, his sin, his punishment, and what we can learn from the passage. It includes challenges to fully surrender desires, dreams, and other beautiful treasures into the Lord's hands. We also explore the beautiful promises of Hosea 2, where God promises to turn our Valley of Achor (Trouble) into a door of hope.

This section is extra long this time -- five full pages of encouragement and introductions from readers, including three photos.

Wise Counsel
Do you ever feel discouraged because you keep falling into the same sins and cannot seem to find peace or victory? Five readers share thoughtful, Scriptural insights to this all-too-common difficulty. To see the question that has been posed for next time, click here.

Lovest Thou Me?
~ By Jessica H. ~
In this excellent poem, Jessica takes a look at Jesus' questions to Simon Peter in John 21. This issue also includes another of Jessica's poems, titled "Emblem Eternal."

How Deep is Love
~ By Chandra B. ~
Chandra shares thoughts on how loving God affects every area of our lives: serving others, pride, etc. Also on this page are some challenging thematic quotes from Jessica D. and a poem by subscriber April D.

The Love of God
Written by an unknown author and first published in 1888, this Bible study gives a comprehensive look at God's love in Scripture and how it relates to our lives today. Thanks to the good folks at Titus2Ministry for letting us reprint this article! It can be read online here.

Blessed Are the Pure in Heart
~ By Mrs. Gloria Y. ~
Mrs. Y. shares how loving God is a necessary prerequisite for trusting Him in all circumstances. Examples and quotes from Helen Keller and Madame Jeanne Guyon are included.

The Paul Family Chronicle
Since the last issue, God called our dear Grandma home to be with Him. In this column Susanna shares her memories of the last days we had with Grandma, and Lydia has a poem about "Acceptance with Joy." Also included are three recent photos and our usual collection of "Observations."

Changed Into His Image
~ By Celeste F. ~
In chapter two of this fictional story, we read how God continues to work in the life of Doug Conn, a young soldier in WWII who is running away from his Christian upbringing.

Keep On Keepin' On
~ By Erin M. ~
Have you ever felt completely confused by circumstances in your life, finding it hard to trust that God is still in control? Erin has been at that point many times, and now shares practical encouragement for those seasons of waiting.

The Bibliophile's Niche
Three books are reviewed in this issue: a fictional book, a biography, and a challenging volume of Christian encouragement (the latter can be read online here).

On Governing My Thoughts
~ By Emily W. ~
"The thoughts! The thoughts!" In this humble, challenging article, Emily shares practical advice for girls who, like herself, face a daily battle to keep their dreams and thoughts under God's control. He will get us through!

Special Ingredient
~ By Mrs. Amy W. ~
"In the body of Christ, each of us are called according to a special plan and purpose...", Amy writes. Every single member of the Body is valuable! Are you fulfilling the role God has selected for you?

When God is in Complete Control
~ By Hannah H. ~
Hannah shares important reminders to leave our lives entirely in God's hands. Also included is an article by reader Christina M., about trusting God.

The Sacrifice of Love
~ By Brandy C. ~
Those of us who have grown up in Christian homes have more to be thankful for than we realize. Have you ever thanked your parents for the many sacrifices they have made for you? Are you endeavoring to show love to all those around you, especially your family?

Subscriber's Corner
This issue's featured subscriber is Sara B. After reading this interview, you'll almost feel as if you've paid a visit to her family's home. :-)

Talkative Tots
Three smile-inducing quotes from children are in this column, as well as an adorable photo of 3-month-old Ruth H.

International Recipes
Looking for some unique recipes? This issue has several great ones that you'll enjoy trying! For next issue, share your family's favorite ideas for no-cook meals, perfect for the hot summer months.

Three penpal ads are featured in this issue, as well as some books, shawls, and clothing for sale, a writing contest announcement, and requests for Christian book publisher information and website help.

Discover the Treasures of God's Wisdom
This issue's daily Bible reading schedule is packed with meaningful passages about God's love. The memory verse suggestions are also thematic; we pray they will be a blessing to all who accept the challenge to stay on schedule with us. You'll never regret time spent in the Word!

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Online Reading
A selection of quotes and poems on the theme of loving God may be found here.

Also online is one of the articles from this issue, republished from Titus2Ministries.

For more thematic reading, check out He Loves Me! by Wayne Jacobsen; you can purchase a printed copy, or download a PDF version free. Highly recommended!

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