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Volume 72, October-December 2006

The subject of stewardship can sound boring at first mention...we've all heard plenty of sermons on the importance of financial giving to the Lord's work. But in reality, stewardship is a principle that goes far beyond mere money: it impacts every area of our life. We hope each of you can join us in this issue of HW, as we explore the many aspects of being a Godly steward.

Here's an outline of what this issue contains:

Volume 72
Theme: Godly Stewardship

Thoughts...From a Fellow Pilgrim
~ By Abigail M. Paul ~
When all is said and done and our lives on earth are over, what will matter most? What kind of a legacy are we going to leave to those who come behind us? Are we faithful stewards to the heritage of grace that God has given us? Do we remember His work in the past? Here's a challenge from my heart to yours: let us keep pressing on!

Nearly 4 pages of letters from HW readers are shared here, along with two photos. You'll enjoy getting to know some of the others who receive HW!

Wise Counsel
How can a girl keep her heart pure before God and guard her thought-life? How can she continue to prepare and hope for marriage, without letting it become too large a focus in her life? Five readers shared insights to these important questions in this issue. To see the question that has been posed for next time, click here.

HW '06 Contest Winners
Want to see which of the photos won this year's contest? The most popular entries in each of the six categories are included in this issue, along with the photographer's names and submitted captions. Thanks again to all who participated!

Financial Stewardship
~ By Jaclynn R. ~
Jaclynn shares a number of applicable Scriptures and principles which shed light on how to handle finances in a God-honoring way.

Leaving Me For You
~ By Quinn D. ~

Are you truly surrendered to the Lord, or do you have your future all mapped out? Quinn's testimony will leave you thinking.

Stewards of Grace
~ By David B. ~

In the light of eternity, our lives take on a whole new significance and urgency. "Our ultimate task is to live for God's glory," David writes. "Any other pleasure is forgery." Don't miss this challenging article!

Blessed Are the Pure in Heart
~ By Mrs. Gloria Y. ~
From the perspective of a grandmother, Mrs. Y. shares practical encouragement to be a good steward of all God gives us.

Talented Stewardship
~ By Zack R. ~
Are you being a good steward of the talents God has given you, or is your life "on hold"? Zack shares some thoughtful advice for singles.

The Paul Family Chronicle
We have had a full summer here, caring for Grandpa and then facing many decisions and changes since he went to be with Jesus on August 21. Included in this edition of the Chronicle are some thoughts by Teresa that were read at Wayne's funeral, a mini-summary of the Homeschool Alumni Reunion (including 5 photos), and a column of "observations."

Changed Into His Image
~ By Celeste F. ~
In this fourth and final chapter of this fictional story, you'll read how Doug Conn was released from a German WWII prison, and of the tremendous changes God brought about in his life. Includes three original illustrations by Lydia Paul.

The Bibliophile's Niche
Three books are reviewed in this issue, and they're all excellent! You'll want to check them out.

Created to Serve Him
~ By Erin M. ~
What did God especially create you to do? Erin tells us how God answered this question for her, and of the special opportunities He's given her this summer.

Talkative Tots
Here's a whole page full of funny quotes by children -- they're sure to bring a smile to your face. :-)

Ministry By Mail
~ By Mrs. Dawn V. ~
God has given Dawn a special ministry: reaching out to others through penpal relationships. It might seem small, but "little is much when God is in it," and He is using Dawn's willingness to serve Him.

A Tribute
~ By Brandy C. ~
On May 11, 2006, Alex Creighton went home to be with Jesus. His sister Brandy writes a tribute to this dedicated and passionate young man, and shares of God's faithfulness to her family through this difficult time.

Wide as the Ocean
~ By Tanya S. ~
This is Tanya's "love story" -- a testimony of how God showed her a glimpse of His great love...and the difference it has made in her life.

Ripple Effect
~ By Lydia W. ~
Do you love God? Here's a challenge to examine yourself and see if you are obeying what Jesus called the "greatest commandment."

Subscriber's Corner
You'll enjoy this introduction to Jaclynn R. and her busy, talented family! Included are two photos.

A Time to Cook...Dad's Favorite Recipes
As the old saying goes, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach" -- and as most of us can attest, the guys in our lives sure do appreciate good food. Here's a collection of tried and true favorites that are sure to be a blessing to your hungry guys! For next issue, HW food editor Katherine N. is compiling reader's best chocolate recipes. We hope you can share yours!

Four penpal ads are in this issue, along with information about crocheted and tatted items, used books, an airline ticket, and a magazine. There's also a couple inquiries, for pectin and recipes. Something for everyone!

Discover the Treasures of God's Wisdom
This issue's Bible reading schedule covers a number of books in the Old and New Testaments. Weekly selections and memory verses correspond with this issue's theme of stewardship.

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