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Volume 78, April-June 2008

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Unity. It's a difficult, multi-faceted subject which is very relevant to each of us, regardless of where we are in life. Several readers took up the challenge and tackled the topic in this issue of HW, and we trust the compilation of Scriptures and insights will be an encouragement to all the readers. A selection of articles on other subjects round out the issue...read on for a listing of articles.

Volume 78
Theme: Pursuing Unity

Thoughts...From a Fellow Pilgrim
~ By Abigail M. Paul ~
Winter may be long and difficult, even seeming endless. But the promise of springtime stands sure and God remains faithful. This article gives hope for those in a lengthy season of waiting: do not lose heart! Winter is not forever, and the promised flowers of spring will be beautiful in God's perfect timing.

This section is filled with encouraging letters from readers, sharing what God is doing in their lives and how HW has blessed them.

Wise Counsel
How can one effectively reach out to a friend who is making wrong choices and slipping away from God? Five thoughtful answers are shared, from others who have had similar experiences. To see the question that has been posed for next time, click here.

~ By Sara W.~
This carefully-written, Scripture-filled article clearly defines what unity is and is not, and gives practical insight on how to seek unity in the Body of Christ.

Color Blending
~ By Ben G. ~
In beautiful, poetic terms, Ben describes the need for unity, and what happens when it is lacking in relationships.

Living in Unity
~ By TanyaBeth S. ~

In this first installment of her new column, Tanya takes an honest look at the need for unity in family relationships and humbly shares what God has been teaching her along these lines.

Unity Starts With You
~ By Danielle G. ~

Danielle's "Doing Great Things for God" column returns, with a practical look at how to become unifiers in our family. Remember, "unity starts with you"!

~ By Allison P. ~

Are you letting God "change" you? Using a memorable analogy, Allison challenges us to be fully surrended and walking in unity with God's plans for our lives.

Dwelling in Unity
~ By Jaclynn R. ~
In this short article, Jaclynn sums up Scriptural teaching on the importance of unity and the examples that are set forth in the Bible.

Family Unity
~ By Hannah H. ~
"Family unity is hard to come by," Hannah writes. This humble, practical article will encourage you to show deference and not stick up for your own way. Relationships are more important!

Blessed Are The Pure In Heart
~ By Mrs. Gloria Y. ~
Are you walking in the truth of God's glorious "at-one-ment"? Mrs. Y. challenges us to begin each day with thankful, joyous acceptance of God's will...then all our other relationships will also have unity.

The Paul Family Chronicle
We've had a long and snowy winter here in central Iowa! This issue of the Chronicle includes several pictures of our winter fun, a column of "observations", some of our latest adventures, and a thought-provoking article by Susanna.

A Joyful Heart
~ By Grace P. ~
Do you have a joyful attitude of contentment in all you do? This fictional story by Grace will challenge you to do an attitude check!

Overcomer Eyes
~ By Erin M. ~
Are you going through a time when everything seems to be happening at once, and you are overwhelmed by circumstances and worry? Erin reminds us that we have Jesus, the Overcomer, on our side - with Him, we are more than conquerors!

Talkative Tots
These amusing quotes from the lips of young children are sure to bring a smile to your face!

Our Little Jewel
~ By Susanne E. ~
The little baby had gone home to heaven and tears were left in place of joy. Susanna shares this true story of her sister-in-law and brother, including an original poem.

Just Friends
~ By Natalie Klein ~
"Is it possible for a guy and girl to enjoy a close one-on-one relationship and remain emotionally and physically 'just friends'?" Natalie tackles this difficult question by sharing her own experience and input from a number of others.

My Journey
~ By Laura H. ~
In this interview-style article, Laura tells of the journey God has brought her on since her highschool graduation, and how her heart has been drawn to stay at home with her family.

The Bibliophile's Niche
Two non-fiction books and one classic fictional volume are reviewed in this issue: you'll want to find these to add to your library.

Subscriber's Corner
Ruth P. writes from England and introduces us to her family. You'll enjoy reading about what God is doing in her life.

The Boy I Love
~ By Miriam R. ~
This is the joyful story of "how God answered prayer for a brother" -- including two photos of this precious little boy.

Serve With Her
~ By Sarah B. ~
Sarah issues a ringing challenge to all stay-at-home daughters, regardless of age: have you ever thought of yourself as a "helpmeet's helper" to your father? Having an attitude of service instead of selfishness will transform your family life and relationships.

A Time To Cook...Time-Saver Mixes
These useful recipes are perfect to have on hand for busy days - or to give as gifts. Next issue's theme will be pasta salads, so be sure to send in your favorite recipes!

Several penpal requests and magazine ads are printed here, along with ministry and meet-up opportunities and the chance to help others with writing and artwork.

Discover the Treasures of God's Wisdom
This issue's Bible reading schedule -- prepared by reader Samantha R. -- focuses on passages about relationships in the Body of Christ. Weekly memory verses suggestions help you hide the Word in your heart on a regular basis.

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