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What is Modesty?
What is modesty? Do all Christians practice modesty according to the Bible definition?

...The Bible teaches that women should dress modestly. The outward appearance of a woman should not show forth fashionable hair styles, jewelry, or expensive and stylish clothes, but rather, “...a meek & quiet spirit,” “Shamefacedness and sobriety,” and “good works.”

The Greek New Testament word for “modest” means “well-arranged or ordered, or seemly.” A well-known English scholar says “The well-ordering is not of dress and demeanor only, but of the inner life, uttering indeed and expressing itself in the outward appearance.” What a woman wears on the outside speaks of what she is on the inside. What you are demonstrates itself in your appearance and behavior.

A woman once told a friend, "Whenever I'm down in the dumps I buy a new hat." Her friend replied, "Oh, I wondered where you got them." What the hat-buyer meant was that when she felt depressed or "blue," she bought some article of clothing which made her feel better.This is typical of people's emotional nature. Sometimes when a woman feels moody, the way she dresses will give her a "lift."

All men, women, and children should dress modestly and decently, and for the occasion. It would be wrong to wear dirty work clothes to get married or to apply for a job in. But it is equally wrong to be so strongly influenced by clothing that your "ups and downs" depend on the style or color you wear. This is evidence that your emotions control your behavior -- and emotions, or "feelings," are what leads people into ungodly behavior, when they are not under the control of the Spirit of God.

Webster’s New World Dictionary defines “modest” in reference to clothing and dress as “decent, pure; not displaying one’s body.” To keep herself decent and pure, a woman should cover her body… When women wear [immodest clothes] they invite men to look at them and be tempted. Godly women should obviously avoid dressing in a way which might tempt men to have impure thoughts about them…

Some women who are embarrassed to wear dresses which reveal their knees would rather wear pants. And indeed, dresses which reveal the knees when a woman is standing, sitting, walking, ascending or descending stairs, stooping, or kneeling, are too short. They are immodest, yet pants are no better.

Pants on a woman are a compromise. While she feels she has her body covered, and can move about more freely, a woman wearing pants reveals all her curves both on the outside and inside of her legs, all the way up to her crotch, as well as other wrinkles and creases which a modest dress would never reveal. A woman wearing pants can be very embarrassing to a man who has a sense of modesty and desires to keep his thoughts pure. Therefore, along with being masculine in style and purpose, pants on a woman are immodest.

What should women wear, then? They should wear dresses both full and long enough that they can do any normal activity which is ladylike and feminine without exposing their legs or knees. Tight dresses or skirts are immodest because they reveal too many curves and are difficult to maneuver in. To purposely reveal your figure is to be immodest. And if you are not doing it purposely, you may be immodest and not know it!

The colors should not scream for attention, but rather be quiet and conservative, drawing attention to the Lord Jesus Christ who reigns in the heart. Peopl ewhould be attracted to us, not by a worldly and stylish outward appearance, but by our "meek and quiet spirit" and a Godly life of good works.

Ladies, if you are ladies indeed, lengthen your skirts. Since fashion stores try to please women and men rather than God, you will discover that it is not easy to find decent and modest dresses for sale. Then learn to sew and tailor your own. You’ll save money, too. Be not so weak that you follow the styles and fashions of the worldly crowd. Be strong and take your stand for modesty which is pleasing to God.

“And be not conformed to this world:
but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind,
that ye may prove what is that good,
and acceptable, and perfect will of God.”
~Romans 12:2~

~Excerpted from an article by Charles H. Shofstahl
Submitted by Mrs. Garnett B. of MO for HW, Vol. 43

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