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Volume 52
Our theme for this issue, "Trusting Through the Tough Times," seems to have really "hit a nerve" with the readers. Many excellent, thought-provoking articles were submitted and encouraging testimonies of God's faithfulness were shared. After much prayer we've decided to extend this theme into next issue -- something we've never done before -- and trust that each article will be a true encouragement to each of you.

Here's an outline of what this issue contains:

Theme: Trusting Through the Tough Times

From the Editress
~ By Abigail M. Paul ~
An account of my trip to a friend's wedding in January, and what God taught me while I was away.

Three pages of encouraging comments and feedback from readers, including two photos.

Wise Counsel
Have you ever wondered how to go about "speaking the truth in love" in awkward situations? Read answers to this difficult question shared by a reader.

Relying On God
~ By Jennifer S. ~
A look at the importance of keeping an eternal perspective during our trials and testings.

Times to Trust
~ By Hannah Z. H. ~
"We trust in Him...He always cares." This poem will be an encouragement to you!

~ By Jessica Lee D. ~
This insightful, three-page article comes from the heart of one who has dealt with much suffering in her life...and has been refined by the fire.

~ By Charity G. ~
A brief look at the life of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cowman, and the wonderful "byproduct" of their trials -- the devotional, Streams in the Desert.

Blessed are the Pure in Heart
~ By Mrs. Gloria Y. ~
Mrs. Y. shows us what can be learned of trust in the Lord by examining the lives of several believers -- King David, Amy Carmichael, and Mrs. Y.'s friend, Melodee.

Learning Through Trials
~ By Emily H. ~
An encouraging little testimony of God's faithfulness through the trials this reader experienced as a young girl.

Through the Fire
~ By Amanda O. ~
A reminder that though the "fire" of trials is painful, it will be worth it all in heaven!

A Thorn in My Flesh
~ By Jolea J. ~
This is another personal testimony of the Lord's blessing and teaching through a difficult and painful physical problem. God truly works all things together for good!

The Story of My Life, Chap. 47
~ By Abigail M. Paul ~
Complete with diary excerpts and photos, as always, this chapter tells about a 3-week visit from our California grandparents in March 1994 -- the amusing musical program we put together for them, my attempts to teach myself how to tat, and more!

Through God's Eyes
~ By Melody D. ~
Do you endeavor to see others through God's eyes, rather than just looking at their outward appearance? This well-written fictional piece will give you a lot to think about!

Blessed Unity
~ By Tammie U. ~
Thoughts on the importance of a good relationship with our siblings...and the part that our words play in those relationships.

Pressing Flowers
~ By Erika Martin ~
Just in time for spring, Erika shares an easy way to press your own fresh flowers and leaves, and use them to bless others! Also included is a recipe for Apple Spice Potpourri.

Subscriber's Corner
In this issue we get to meet Bethany B. and her large family -- missionaries to Brazil! Includes two photos.

The Bibliophile's Niche
This time two readers share books that have been a blessing in their lives.

How God Taught Maria Obedience
~ By Anna K. ~
Anna shares the exciting, true story of an important lesson God taught her great-great-grandmother.

Talkative Tots
Children often say the cutest things! In this column, four readers have shared amusing quotes from their own families.

Have You Left Egypt?
~ By Cheri C. ~
This little article is very challenging -- what is keeping you back from serving the Lord in every area of your life?

Let's Make a... "From All of Us" Card
~ By Jessica Lee D. ~
Stumped on finding gifts for older family members and friends? This cute, inexpensive idea will involve your whole family and create a much appreciated gift!

A Time to Cook...
Soups and muffins are on the menu this issue! You'll want to try out this delicious collection of readers' favorite recipes!

Like usual, this issue includes a selection of ads submitted by readers. This time three prospective penpals and two Christian publications are showcased.

Discover the Treasures of God's Wisdom!
Our readings for March and April are taken from the Old Testament books of Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, and Job. Also included are weekly memory verses on the theme of trusting the Lord through trials.

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Online Resources
A selection of quotes and poems submitted for this theme didn't fit in the printed issue, so I've included them here, along with another article. Be sure to check them out!

Through Sunshine and Shadows
    A selection of thematic poems submitted by readers
All Things Work Together For Good
    These quotes will be a big encouragement!
    A thought-provoking article on one's reaction to trials
I also found several excellent articles on other websites that I thought you would be blessed by. Please keep in mind that I do not necessary agree with every point made in every article listed here (much less agree with other articles that are included on each of these websites!), but I have included each of these articles because they are thought-provoking and they motivated me to check out the Scriptures for my own. I pray you'll be motivated to do the same!
(These will open in a new browser window for your convenience.)

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