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Hidden Wisdom, Volume 53

Volume 53
This second issue on the theme of trusting through the tough times is packed with encouragement! As an extra bonus, it's 44 pages long, instead of the usual 40. The Lord really brought together a wonderfully inspiring selection of articles and poems, and I pray each of you will be as blessed and strengthened by them as I have been.

Here's an outline of what this issue contains:

Theme: Hope in the Valley

From the Editress
~ By Abigail M. Paul ~
A look at God's encouragement for those times we feel like giving up and "throwing in the towel."

Three pages of encouraging comments and feedback from readers, including two photos.

Wise Counsel
Is there anything wrong with being "just friends" with someone of the opposite sex? Five pages of very insightful answers to this difficult question were shared, and in addition you can read one online here.

Trials and Ravens
~ By Jennifer S. ~
God always sends "ravens" -- encouragement and glimpses of His love -- to His children in their trials. Is the Lord leading you to be a "raven" in someone else's life? Jennifer also shares a poem called "Ravens Still Come."

The School of Trust
~ By Jamilyn D. ~
Encouragement from the heart of one who has been through this "school" and learned to trust the Lord more fully.

Roll With the Punches
~ By Tammie U. ~
A reminder to count your blessings and relax under pressure.

Blessed are the Pure in Heart
~ By Mrs. Gloria Y. ~
A look at some Biblical characters and contemporary Christians who have displayed an attitude of thankfulness, no matter what God sent their way.

What to Do When Trials Come
~ By Amanda O. ~
Amanda shares seven clear, Biblical steps to finding victory over the trials in life.

Trusting God
~ By Amy S. ~
Important reminders from the story of Job, and applications to our own difficulties.

The Story of My Life, Chap. 48
~ By Abigail M. Paul ~
A homeschool exhibition night, a birthday party and seven new puppies, a whirlwind trip over Memorial Day week, and an stubborn new pet were all part of our life in the spring of 1994. Read all about it in this chapter, and enjoy diary excerpts and photos as well.

Together For Good
~ By Naomi H. ~
This is the first installment of the story of Nabal and Abigail, as seen through a servant's eyes. You won't want to miss it, or Sarah C.'s excellent illustrations!

Dawning of a New Path
~ By Jana Baldridge ~
The story of seeking the Lord's will about an exciting new opportunity...and how prayers were answered.

Likeable Lemon Balm
~ By Erika Martin ~
Erika's enthusiasm will inspire you to start your own lemon balm plants! She includes two recipes for you to try.

Searching the Depths...of Surrender
~ By a Sister from CA ~
A very touching, heartfelt look at the need to surrender our plans and desires to the Lord...from the heart of one who has struggled and learned to trust.

Thy Will Be Done
~ By Rebecca D. ~
Rebecca shares an excellent poem by Francis R. Gavergal, and tells how it has been meaningful to her in the past 6 years of dealing with Chronic Fatigue.

Subscriber's Corner
In this issue we get to meet Vicki B. and her large family -- Vicki is the ninth child in a family of fifteen. :-) Includes two photos.

Bird Wisdom
~ By Mrs. Sandra D'E. ~
"Do you see yourself as a cardinal or a dove?" This Biblical analogy holds much encouragement for those who have felt "inferior" and discouraged because they can never seem to "measure up" to those around them.

The Bibliophile's Niche
Three excellent book reviews were submitted for this issue.

Let's Make a...Dried Flower Wreath
~ By Helen W. of Turkey ~
Helen's clear instructions make this project a simple one. You'll want to give it a try!

A Time to Cook...
Just in time for spring, this collection of reader's favorite berry recipes will be perfect to try out! Katherine N. has compiled the column for us again.

Like usual, this issue includes a selection of ads submitted by readers. This time one Christian publication, two penpals, and three other items are featured.

Discover the Treasures of God's Wisdom!
Our readings for May and June are, very appropriately, taken from Job and Psalms. The thematic weekly memory verses will encourage you to trust the Lord through the tough times.

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Online Resources
A selection of quotes and poems submitted for this theme didn't fit in the printed issue, so I've included them here, along with another article. Be sure to check them out!

Encouragement For Trials
    Uplifting thoughts and verses from Lisa F.
If It Be Your Will
    Two very encouraging poems from/by readers
Never Discouraged
    Three short articles, including a powerful analogy
These Inward Trials
    An inspiring poem from Nicole S.
Worth It All
    A very encouraging personal testimony by Katherine N.
I also found several excellent articles on other websites that I thought you would be blessed by. Please keep in mind that I do not necessary agree with every point made in every article listed here (much less agree with other articles that are included on each of these websites!), but I have included each of these articles because they are thought-provoking and they motivated me to check out the Scriptures for my own. I pray you'll be motivated to do the same!
(These will open in a new browser window for your convenience.)

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