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Volume 71, July-September 2006

Every task, however simple,
Sets the soul that does it free;
Every deed of love and mercy
Done to man is done to me.

—By H. Van Dyke;
submitted by Jessica D.

Secondary only to loving God (as we discussed in HW Vol. 70), loving others must be a primary goal of our lives as Christians: it is what sets us apart from those who do not know the Lord. In this issue of HW, we take a closer look at practical ways we can develop a "ministry mindset" and reach out to those with whom God brings us in contact. This issue is larger than usual--44 pages full of encouragement!--and we hope each of you will be able to get a copy.

Make sure you take a look at the great entries in this year's photo contest (password sent to subscribers of the email list and in the printed copy of Vol. 71), and cast your votes for the ones you like best!

Also, if you haven't done so yet, please take time to fill out HW's 2006 survey (exclusively online this year) -- whether you're a long-time subscriber, have received only a couple printed issues, or only read online, your opinions are needed and appreciated!

Here's an outline of what this issue contains:

Volume 71
Theme: A Heart For Ministry

Thoughts...From a Fellow Pilgrim
~ By Abigail M. Paul ~
Have you ever prayed, "Lord, be glorified in my life!" --only to have times of trial and testing come? In this editorial I share some of what God has been teaching me lately about suffering and how it is a necessary prerequisite for glory. With that in mind, we can genuinely thank our loving Father for everything He allows in our lives.

In this issue we share 3 1/2 pages of feedback from readers: it's like sitting down and enjoying a visit with a big group of old friends. :-) Includes three photos.

Wise Counsel
What's the difference between dreams and goals? How can we know when to pursue things and when we should wait patiently for God's timing? Three insightful answers to these thought-provoking questions are shared in this issue. To see the question that has been posed for next time, click here.

The High Calling
~ By Jenna W. ~
Jenna uses an analogy format to share an important point: God often calls us to the areas of ministry that are closest at hand. Will we joyfully serve where He has placed us?

Walking as Children of Light
~ By Hannah K. ~
By sharing the story of a recently martyred missionary, Hannah points out that we must have an eternal perspective to motivate us to ministry and outreach. She also shares practical tips learned through her family's nursing home music ministry. (Related link: persecution.com)

Seven Ways to Bless Others
~ By Rebekah W. ~

Often the best ways to bless others are little, "everyday" kindnesses. Here are some practical ways to be thoughtful of others' needs.

Hidden Mission Fields
~ By Jenny F. ~

"It is funny to see how often ministry opportunities are disguised in seemingly insignificant events, or even trials," Jenny writes. You'll be blessed by reading her testimony of what God has taught her along these lines. (Related link: brightlights.info)

Blessed Are the Pure in Heart
~ By Mrs. Gloria Y. ~
Elysse Barrett joins her grandmother in this issue's column, as they share the vital need for believers to actively reach out to everyone around them. "God can use you in His service--whoever you think you are or you are not!"

Serve Him With Your Joyfulness!
~ By Miriam R. ~
Do you ever feel too young, too unskilled, or otherwise unqualified for ministry? Miriam shares the value of a simple smile and a joyful heart. Let's purpose to serve God with our joyfulness!

All For His Glory
~ By David Boskovic ~
David expounds on the direct link between loving God and having a proper focus in ministry of any type. Is it possible to do all to the glory of God, even ordinary, every-day duties? David thinks so, and he explains how it can be done.

The Paul Family Chronicle
God has brought us through a lot since the last issue of HW. In this issue you'll find a brief overview of recent events, another insightful poem by Lydia, three photos, and a collection of "Observations."

Changed Into His Image
~ By Celeste F. ~
Here's chapter three of this much-enjoyed fictional story by an HW reader. This time we read how God works in young Doug Conn's heart as he finds himself in a German prison (WWII). Also included is another original illustration by Lydia Paul.

Talkative Tots
These hilarious quotes by readers' younger siblings are sure to bring a smile to your face. :-)

Taking Jesus At His Word
~ By Erin M. ~
The Lord has been teaching Erin a lot lately about trusting Him through changing and confusing circumstances. She urges us to "lean on Him and learn of Him, and believe Him when He gives you a promise to hold on to."

The Bibliophile's Niche
Three good books are reviewed in this issue: an autobiography and two volumes of Christian encouragement.

Wooden Pegs & Suitcases
~ By Mrs. Heather S. ~
Have you ever found yourself stuck with something you didn't really want? In this humorous, down-to-earth article, Heather shares a lesson God recently taught her along these lines.

I Kept Their Coats
~ By Jessica H. ~
This poem is written from the perspective of the Apostle Paul--and how God used the testimony of the martyr Stephen to impact his life and prick his conscience.

Freed From Bondage
~ By Brianna C. ~
You'll rejoice with Brianna as you read how God has recently transformed her life by showing her the importance of living "without a mask." She challenges us to join in prayer for revival, starting in our own hearts, then our homes, churches, and throughout the world.

Subscriber's Corner
In this issue we get to meet Allison W. and her family and hear what a typical day in their home is like. Also included are three photos and one of Allison's favorite recipes.

No-Cook Recipes
This issue's recipe column is full of fun and easy recipes for those hot and lazy summer days when no one feels like cooking. :-) For next issue, we want to feature recipes that are favorites of the guys in our lives: hot and spicy chili, monster-sized cookies, or whatever they'll always asking you to make. Please consider sharing your family's favorites!

This issue's ads feature a couple magazines, a potential penpal, an original book for sale, nutritional advice, and special messages for homeschool graduates and BJU students, past and present.

Discover the Treasures of God's Wisdom
With this issue we're starting to read through the Bible, featuring selections from the Old and New Testaments each day, as well as thematic readings on Sundays. Also included are weekly memory verses, also thematic.

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Online Reading
Some of the submissions sent in weren't able to fit in the printed issue, so we're sharing them online here:

More Blessed To Give
Thoughts by Rebekah W., and quotes by other authors

The Ministry of Love
By Jessica D.

To Be A Servant
By Brandy C.

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