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Volume 74, April-June 2007

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Love is a tremendously powerful force. It motivates missionaries and rescue personel to put their lives on the line. It transforms lives and gives a reason for living. And it sent Jesus to the cross, offering His life as a sinless sacrifice, out of love for His enemies -- out of love for us.

Please join us in this issue of Hidden Wisdom as we take a closer look at Jesus' great love, and how we can follow His example by loving the "enemies" that are in our lives.

Volume 74
Theme: Loving Our Enemies

Thoughts...From a Fellow Pilgrim
~ By Abigail M. Paul ~
Here's a look at one of the most exciting stories in the Bible -- Jehoshaphat and the army of Israel facing a huge enemy army. What can we learn from it about faith and miracles, and the unfailing power of our living Father?

Feedback and introductions from HW readers fill these three pages, along with two photos.

Wise Counsel
If you're a girl who is facing the question of what to do after graduation, and are looking for creative home-based ideas, don't miss this issue's Wise Counsel question! Six readers share practical advice and ideas that have been helpful to them. Three more answers didn't fit in the printed issue and have been added to the online archive: read them here. To see the question that has been posed for next time, click here.

Who Is My Enemy?
~ By Elizabeth S., and Sara & Abby W. ~
In two separate articles, these girls answer the title question and then move on to give practical ideas as to how we are to demonstrate love to our enemies.

Love Them as I Love Them
~ By Quinn D. ~
Taking a personal look at the gospel, Quinn shares how its truth must effect our love for others...including our enemies.

Overcoming Our Enemies
~ By Brittany S. ~

One of the most effective ways to deal with our enemies is to "overcome" them with good. Brittany shares her own experiences along these lines.

This is Love
~ By Jana Marie B. ~

"Would you die for an Iraqi soldier?" he asked. Find out how Jana answered this probing question...and what God taught her about true love through the conversation.

Biblical Love
~ By Jerome G. ~

Jerome looks at a number of Scriptures on the subject of love, and defines it in practical terms.

Blessed Are the Pure in Heart
~ By Mrs. Gloria Y. ~
Mrs. Y. focuses on the primary role of forgiveness in the matter of loving enemies. "This is where the blessing is," she writes. "Not only in forgiving and loving, but in being happy about it!"

Power to Love
~ By Megan K. ~
History is full of those who have set amazing examples of loving enemies. Megan introduces us to five of these believers, sharing some of their personal quotes and experiences. You will be inspired!

The Paul Family Chronicle
We survived the ice storm of 2007! Read all about it in this edition of the Chronicle, complete with five recent pictures....and the ever popular humorous "Observations" column.

Elyssa's Climb
~ By Laura K. ~
Her mother's illness, her brother's wedding, her family's move...Everything in Elyssa's life was changing--except God. Don't miss the second and final instalment of this fictional story, complete with three original illustrations by Theresa W.

Identified With Jesus
~ By Erin M. ~
"Who am I? What am I doing here?" Have you ever asked yourself these questions? You are not alone. Erin shares the vital importance of finding our identity in Christ, and keeping our top priority as knowing Him.

A Call Home
~ By Danielle G.. ~
Subtitled "making a difference in your world," this article clearly shows how important families are to God, and how the goal of changing the world for God must first start at home. Included is a collection of thought-provoking quotes about the family.

Our Little Angel
~ By Amber M. ~
Amber's little sister, Danielle, went to be with Jesus at the age of two and a half years. In this testimony, Amber shares how God sustained her family through that difficult time, and what He taught her through the experience. A photo of Danielle is included, along with some thoughts by Amber's Aunt and Uncle.

Subscriber's Corner
In this issue, you'll meet Michelle D., "from the cheesy state of Wisconsin." :-) Included is a picture of Michelle and her family.

How Will They Know?
~ By Jessica H. ~
Jessica shares another one of her beautiful, insightful poems with us -- this one regarding our testimony and influence on the watching world.

Rejoicing in Jesus!
~ By Miriam R. ~
How can we rejoice in everything that comes our way, including difficult trials and disappointments? Miriam shares an inspiring, encouraging challenge to each of us to obey God's comand to "rejoice in the Lord always." Accompanying this article are some thoughts on the same subject, by reader Samantha R.

The Bibliophile's Niche
Two good books are reviewed in this issue: a children's fiction series, and a Christian non-fiction work.

Talkative Tots
This page of humorous quotes by youngsters will have you smiling and laughing. :-)

A True Friend
~ By Abigail B. ~
This original poem is one you'll want to share with your true friends!

Family Favorites from the Ittermans
In this issue we meet HW's new Food Editor, Sarah I. She shares a collection of her family's favorite recipes that you'll want to try out. For the next issue, share your non-dairy recipies/alternatives!

Twelve ads are included in this issue, five of which are penpal-wanted ads.

Discover the Treasures of God's Wisdom
This issue's Bible reading schedule -- prepared by reader Samantha R. -- covers a number of books in the Old and New Testaments. Weekly selections and memory verses correspond with this issue's theme of loving our enemies.

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Online Articles
Several submitted articles didn't fit in the printed issue of HW, so we've added them to the online archives:

  • Wise Counsel - three helpful answers to this issue's question, giving advice to girls who have finished highschool and prefer to stay at home.
  • Love Your Enemies, a testimony and thoughts by Brandy C.
  • Loving the Unlovable, a collection of thought-provoking quotes

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