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Three Wise Counsel Answers
"I recently graduated from high school and am looking for some good, Christian correspondence courses. My main interest is writing, but I'd consider other topics, too. Since we don't have internet access, the courses would have to be through the mail. Can anyone help?

Also, can any young lady graduates give ideas for keeping busy in a home where there are no little siblings to look after, etc.? We don't agree with women (married or single) working outside of the home, so I'd like home-based ideas. Any suggestions by young ladies or their mothers about keeping busy (and keeping from becoming self-absorbed) would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!”

~Tired of Twiddling My Thumbs

An answer by Sarah Lee B.
I think it is wonderful that you desire to stay at home during these "in between" years. There are so many profitable things that you can do! This time you have can be used to serve and help others.

The opportunity you have living in your father's home is to serve him and his household. If he has a business, you can help him prosper in that. Find out what your father's desires and goals are and help him accomplish them. Maybe he has ideas for what you should do. Does he have desires for you that you don't know about? Our primary job is, of course, serving in the home and doing what our parents want. Use your father's advice to figure out how you should use this time.

Pursue learning more about things that would benefit your future husband or children. Now is the best time to learn those things, because when you have a family of your own, you will be too busy then to do many "extra" things. But what you learn now can be of much value in later years!

Home mail-order businesses are a good way to sell things if you do not have an outlet (store) to sell your products locally.

There are a few books I would like to recommend to you, and to any searching young lady:

  • The Merchant Maiden by Crystal Paine is written for young ladies in the home seeking ideas for having a business. It is available through Covenant Wedding Source.

  • So Much More by Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin is a wonderful book about the roles of young ladies living in their father's home. It is available from Vision Forum Ministries. I highly recommend these sources of help and insight.

    Vision Forum Ministries is a great resource for information on family-centered, Godly living. I have been so blessed by their books, resources, and recordings. I recently listened to a CD recording entitled "Victory for Daughters" and the speakers' messages for young ladies were such an encouragement and godly example for me. It inspired me to set my goal high, and seek and honor my father's wishes!

    May God continue to show and lead you down the path He has for your life!

    An answer by Christina G.
    I am a homeschooled graduate of three years, and just recently finished a few courses via distance learning. Although I would not highly recommend the college I attended (Northwestern College, St. Paul, MN), I loved the courses immensely and what I was able to gain from them. But more than that, I was blessed to be able to learn here at home, without leaving family for a modern classroom. The Lord, in His goodness, allowed it to be so and my family and I praise and thank Him for the overall experience!

    Like you, I felt bored and as if I was making no progress in life after graduation. Boy, was I wrong! The Lord began to show me how He was molding me into a woman of His ownójust by reading His Word every day and learning to listen to and obey His voice, I was in the most favorable classroom (and still am, by all means). Yes, I could have run out and started a business or gotten a job, but that was not God's will for me. At that time in my life, the Lord's will was something priceless, and that was to be my Daddy's supporter (one of them J), my mother's helper, and my siblings' playmate. I was able to do a lot of things that I had previously had no time for: like completing a novel, crocheting, cross-stitching, baking, cooking, perfecting recipes, and menu-making. Fun stuff, right? It was a job that needed to be done, so I took care of it.

    I had not planned on taking any college courses after graduation, except, perhaps, writingóbut guess how the Lord worked? In mysterious ways! Here are a few suggestions for keeping busy:

  • If you like to read and write, you may find it interesting to read some classics. The language may be difficult to understand at first, but you'll get used to it. I like reading aloud, as if acting in a play. But I also take notes of certain expressions or words that I'd like to research or use in my own stories/novels. David Copperfield was a spiritual blessing to me...the Lord used it in many ways.

  • You could probably take on the meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking for your mother. I don't know how busy she is, or if she'd mind, but this will definitely keep you good and busy. You will learn all about your Daddy's tastes and dislikes, plus have an ideal opportunity to store away favorites family recipes for your hopechest.

  • My Daddy suggested I could looking into housecleaning at one time, but the Lord hasn't seemed to open any doors in that direction yet. Instead my sisters and I are the "Sister Sitters" for our homeschool group of around 300 families.

  • A friend of ours began a bread-baking business. She (like us) owns a Bosch bread machine, which makes 5 pounds of dough at a time, and is well worth the investment. She can get by with selling the bread at reasonable prices and without a health permit because she advertises with "at your own risk." [Check into local regulations; they vary from state to state. óEd.]

    But above all, talk to your parents, especially your daddy. The Lord usually speaks through him.

    Okay, I'll stop rambling now. I hope something turns up for you, and I pray the Lord will reveal His will to you in His perfect timing.

    An answer by Keslie C.
    I believe there are many ways a young lady can use her God-given talents at home. I think one of the largest road blocks for stay-at-home daughters is realizing how much you can really do! Upon hearing of others' business/ministry ventures I hear so many girls say, "I wish I could do that, but I can't______ (sew, play an instrument, cook, be artistic, do crafts/scrapbook, garden, etc.)."

    Instead of focusing on what others are doing and on what you can't do, pray and focus on your talents for business ideas. What about house cleaning for the elderly? Making freezer meals? Gardening, planting, and tending flowerbeds? Being a mother's helper? Farmer's market? Breeding and raising animals? Teaching art, music, sewing, or cooking lessons? Tutoring? Graphic art/web design? Rubber stamping? Beading?

    Make your business a ministry! Some non-business ideas? You could host a young ladies or mother-daughter Bible study. How about visiting nursing homes? The possibilities are endless. Remember not to limit yourself or God!

    For practical reading material on this subject I highly recommend Crystal Paine's books--Merchant Maiden and How to Start Your Own Homebusiness for Christian Young Women--which can be obtained through her website, BiblicalWomanhood.com.

    Don't miss six more excellent answers to this question,
    printed in HW Volume 74!

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