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HW site update archive

4.4.07 -- Volume 74 is a milestone for HW: it's the first issue to be professionally printed! After years of photocopying each issue by hand, we're excited about this provision from the Lord! Copies will be off in the mail to subscribers by next week; meanwhile, see a list of articles here, and don't miss the additions to the online library.

12.27.06 -- Subscribers should be watching their mailboxes this week for Volume 73! Get a sneak peek at this issue's inspiring contents here.

9.25.06 -- Volume 72 is now finished up and on its way to subscribers! Check out a summary of its exciting and challenging articles on the current issue page.

8.15.06 -- The 2006 contest gallery was down for a while, but we have it up and going again now. Please cast your votes if you haven't yet!

6.22.06 -- There's a whole bunch of good things for you to check out today: the summary of Volume 71 (soon to be copied and mailed, Lord willing), several new articles in the library, the excellent entries in
HW's 2006 photo contest , and our 2006 reader survey (your help is much appreciated). Enjoy, and God bless!

3.22.06 -- We are excited to finally have Volume 70 finished up! Lord willing, copies will be made this week and soon be on their way to subscribers. Also, don't miss HW's 2006 reader survey, exclusively online this year: your ideas and input are needed!

1.14.06 -- The arrival of 2006 marks some changes in HW's publication: read details here. We have now finished Volume 69 and will soon get it off in the mail (PTL!). Also, we hope many of you will be able to participate in the 2006 photo contest.

11.3.05 -- Volume 68 is finally finished and on its way to subscribers! Check out a summary of this encouraging issue (theme of "Loneliness") here.

8.23.05 -- We've nearly finished Volume 67 now; it will be printed and off to subscribers by the end of August, Lord wiling. See a summary of its contents here.

7.2.05 -- Volume 66 is hot off the press and on its way to subscribers! We hope you take a peek at the encouraging articles in this issue. This month also marks HW's 10th anniversary of bi-monthly publication -- to God be the glory! Thanks to each of you who have been a support and help over the years!

5.3.05 -- The summary of Volume 65 is now online! And don't miss phase two of HW's 2005 contest -- the gallery of entries may be accessed here.

3.22.05 -- Announcing the Seeking Treasure forum! Here's an exciting opportunity for you to "discover the treasures of God's wisdom" in the format of an online weekly discussion forum! Abigail Paul and David Boskovic are the co-admins, and many of the members are HW subscribers. Please stop by -- we'd be delighted to have you join us!

3.5.05 -- Volume 64 is now finished up and ready to mail to subscribers! Check out the table of contents here, as well as several new additions to HW's article library. Also, don't miss HW's new photo contest and the 2005 reader survey!

1.26.05 -- We've had some trouble with the sign-up form for HW's e-list, but it is fixed now. If you've tried to join the list over the past few months and haven't received any updates from us since, please try again. Sorry for the inconvenience!

1.1.05 -- Though somewhat delayed by computer problems, Volume 63 is now compiled, and is sure to be encouraging to anyone learning patience and trust.

10.28.04 -- Don't miss the summary of HW's newest issue, Volume 62! The theme this time is "Overcoming Fear" and the issue is full of encouraging articles.

8.28.04 -- Click here to see the summary of Vol. 61! This issue is full of insightful articles about that special privilege of God's children: prayer.

6.27.04 -- Thanks to a very helpful and diligent HW subscriber, our 2004 survey form has been switched over to a PHP format and is now completely ad-free. PTL!

6.20.04 -- The summary of Vol. 60 is now online! This issue will challenge each of you to place God at the center of your daily life.

6.14.04 -- The photo contest gallery was down for a few days, but is working now! The deadline has been extended to midnight June 18 for those of you who would still like to cast your votes. Please participate!

4.24.04 -- The summary of Vol. 59 has been added, along with two new articles in the library. And don't miss phase two of HW's 2004 photo contest!

3.23.04 -- I just finished revamping the whole website. What do you think? :-) Please let me know if you find any broken links, etc., since I'm still working the bugs out here.

2.24.04 -- The summary of Vol. 58 is now online, along with this year's survey and information about HW's 2004 contest -- please participate!

12.22.03 -- Thanks to all who have kept our computer difficulties in prayer! Check out the new summary of Vol. 57 to read how your prayers have been answered. God is so faithful! Also updated is the story behind HW page, with new information and photos.

11.19.03 -- The summary of Vol. 56 is finally online here! Your prayers would be appreciated regarding our computer problems. If you've emailed us and haven't received an answer, please write again; we don't have access to any old emails now.

8.25.03 -- Don't miss the exciting articles in Vol. 55, plus two new additions to the article library!

6.17.03 -- The summary of Vol. 54 is now online -- go take a look!

11.19.03 -- The summary of Vol. 56 is finally online here! Your prayers would be appreciated regarding our computer problems. If you've emailed us and haven't received an answer, please write again; we don't have access to any old emails right now.

8.25.03 -- Don't miss the exciting articles in Vol. 55, plus two new additions to the article library!

6.17.03 -- The summary of Vol. 54 is now online -- go take a look!

5.28.03 -- I discovered that the Spurgeon devotional syndication hasn't been working lately for some reason. See the new link above.

4.19.03 -- Volume 53 is full of encouraging articles! Check it out here, and don't miss the five new articles added to the article library.

2.21.03 -- The summary of Vol. 52 is now online -- click here! Also be sure to fill out HW's 2003 survey and participate in the contest!

12.19.02 -- Click here to read about the current issue, Vol. 51! Three pages of quotes and poems on the theme, Diligence, are also now in the article library. We pray this issue is a blessing to you!

11.15.02 -- I've just added a "Submission Guidelines" page that will hopefully be helpful to everyone. Submissions for the next issue would be much appreciated!

11.4.02 -- I've totally redesigned the front page, in an effort to make things easier to find.

10.20.02 -- The summary of Vol. 50 is now online -- click here! An excellent article on gift giving as well as two pages of thematic quotes and poems have also been uploaded. The printed issue is nearly finished now and, Lord willing, we'll make the copies of it sometime this next week.

8.18.02 -- Here is the summary of the new issue, Vol. 49! The theme this time is "Sibling Relationships." Two selections of quotes and poems have also been added to this site, as well as links to excellent thematic articles on other sites.

7.8.02 -- The latest issue of HW (Vol. 48) included information about an exciting opportunity to share blessings from God for publication in a devotional. I've uploaded the information to the site -- you can read it here.

6.23.02 -- I've just added the summary for HW Vol. 48 -- the topic is "being a salt and light" and many excellent articles were submitted. One thematic article has been added to this site, and links to eight excellent articles on other sites are also included. I hope you take time to check them out -- click here!

4.17.02 -- The update for HW Vol. 47 is here! The topic this issue is pride/humility, something we've all struggled with. Also added are four articles that didn't fit in the printed issue, as well as 17 links to great articles on other websites. I hope this is a helpful resource to everyone!

4.8.02 -- I've finally added a new question to HW's online poll, after about a year of the same question. ;-) Please cast your vote here!

3.29.02 -- The Lord provided an amazing way for this site to be hosted on an ad-free server, and I'm so excited! It's wonderful to get away from the continually worsening Geocities ads! I'm hoping everything will transfer over smoothly. Please be sure to update any bookmarks or links you have to this site to

2.22.02 -- A visitor to this site let me know that the link to the "free for all" links page wasn't working. I've fixed that now, and encourage you all to add your links to the page! If anyone else finds a link that doesn't work, please let me know! I really appreciate the help! :-)

2.21.02 -- The summary for Volume 46 is now here! An article and several poems that were submitted didn't fit in the printed issue, so I have included them on this site. Also, this issue includes HW's annual survey and contest, and I've prepared a form so you can submit your responses online -- click here. I'm really excited about getting everyone's input and ideas, so please take a moment to participate!

1.16.02 -- I've just finished going through the entire site, updating and fixing lots of little things here and there. Some new graphics are added, including a new family photo on the "Story Behind HW" page. Please be sure to let me know if you find any links that don't work, etc., and I'll try to fix them right away.

1.6.02 -- I just added three banners for the convenience of those who are interested in linking to this website -- click here. Thanks so much for your willingness to help HW in this way!

12.19.01 -- Here's the summary for Vol. 45! The theme this time is Cheerfulness/Encouragement -- you can read a selection of "extra" poems on the subject here. As before, I've also included several links to excellent thematic articles found on other websites -- see those here. Also, I've uploaded an article which gives an "inside" look at the way I organize HW (click here) -- enjoy!

12.10.01 -- I just changed all the left column buttons to a new look. What do you think?

10.22.01 -- I just finished preparing the summary of Vol. 44 -- here it is! This great issue is full of practical, timely advice on how to control our tongues, and you'll want to check into it. I've also uploaded a collection of quotes on the power of the tongue, as well as included a list of links to excellent articles on other websites. I pray this resource is a blessing in your life!

9.1.01 -- A kind visitor to this site notified me that my guestbook links weren't working, so I have that fixed now. Please do take a moment to sign the guestbook -- it always brightens my day to discover a new entry there! :-)

8.21.01 -- The summary of Vol. 43 is now here!! This exciting issue on modesty is full of excellent articles, and I've also uploaded about 10 submitted articles that didn't fit in the printed issue -- click here for the list. A really good WC answer on friendliness is also included, so do be sure to check it out! Also, I added a new graphic for HW's theme verse, above, as well as several new photos to the "Story Behind HW" page. Enjoy!

8.11.01 -- Today I added a new link, actually an "award," to the links page. The new issue of HW is coming along pretty good, so Lord willing I will be posting the outline of it soon.

7.27.01 -- IMPORTANT NEWS!! The URL for this website is now:

Please update your bookmarks accordingly, and also change any links you may have on your website(s) for HW's site. Thank you!! I've also updated the layout on some of the pages, including this one -- what do you think? :-)

6.25.01 -- The summary of Volume 42 is now up -- you'll want to take a sneak peek at it! You subscribers can look for your copies to arrive soon, Lord willing by July 1 or soon after. Click here if you would like to read a somewhat expanded version of this issue's editorial, on the subject of joy.

6.1.01 -- I discovered that the graphics in the guestbook, poll, and links page weren't working again, so I just got through fixing those. Also, I have a bit of exciting news -- I now have a personal website! There isn't a whole lot up on it yet, but I hope you'll take a minute to check it out, and I pray it's a blessing to you. And please do take a minute to sign the guestbook while you're there -- it'd really brighten my day. :-)

4.15.01 -- I've just uploaded the summary for the new issue, Vol. 41 (May-June 2001). Lord willing, I'll be going to town sometime this week to make copies, and then should be able to get them sent out to all the subscribers by the end of April. There's a lot of great articles in this issue, and I can't wait to share them with you all!
      In other news, I was recently able to purchase an excellent graphics program, Photo Impact 6. (The website for the company that made it is here.) It has been great fun to learn how to use it so far, and I'm very happy with it. The new banner at the the top of this page is one of my latest creations =), and I've also re-done most of the pictures on the "Story Behind HW" page. I hope to be able to improve other graphics on this site as I have time.
      It's still not too late to fill out HW's 2001 survey so please take a moment to do that if you haven't yet. Thanks to all of you who have shared your opinions!!

2.23.01 -- Well, the summary for Vol. 40 of HW is here! I will be working hard this week to get all the copies mailed out to subscribers. Lord willing I can get most, if not all of them, out by the first of March. I've also posted HW's 2001 survey -- please take a moment to fill it out! Your opinions really are valuable, and I can't wait to see the results start coming in. :-)

1.23.01 -- I'm excited to announce that the compilation of Volumes 1-5 of "Abigail's Amazing Articles" (HW's former name) is now finished! The copies aren't made yet, but I will, Lord willing, be making them the end of February, along with the next issue of HW. Now is your chance to reserve your copy, and I'll send it out ASAP (if possible, please send a donation of $1 per copy; $2 outside U.S.). Click here for more information about the issue, including a list of articles. Another change today is a new question for the poll: please check it out! Thanks so much to all who voted in the last poll -- I had fun seeing the results!

1.14.01 -- Today I added my scanned signature to the letter above, and also posted two new articles to the Sample Article page. I also added several new graphics to various pages. These are taken from a nice site which I just discovered a week or so ago: www.christiangraphicdesign.com The graphics there are beautiful and extremely high quality -- any of you webmasters will want to be sure to check it out.

12.26.00 -- The summary of the current issue of HW is now up here! I haven't been able to make the copies yet because of all the snow we've had lately, but hope to be able to do that tomorrow, Lord willing. I'll try to get the subscriber's copies mailed out as soon as possible, but, meanwhile, you can take a peek at this issue's contents. =)

12.15.00 -- I just discovered how to make the HW banner and logo with a transparent background, and couldn't wait to share the results with you all. I'm quite excited about it! =) I'd be glad to tell you how I did it if you're interested: it's amazingly simple!
     I hope you are all staying warmer than we are... Another blizzard is scheduled to come through the midwest tomorrow, and we're bracing for it. But, we have faith that spring will arrive in due time. =)

12.4.00 -- I just finished redoing a lot on the Paul's Grains part of this website. I added a bunch of recipes that have become our favorites through the years, so those of you who enjoy cooking will want to check that out. =)
     The new issue of HW (Vol. 39, Jan.-Feb. 2001) is in process right now. Lord willing, it will be finished and mailed to all the subscribers by the end of December. Thanks to all those who have sent submissions for it!
     Thanks also to each of you who have helped with this site, especially with your encouragement -- I really appreciate it! Please continue to give me your opinions and ideas, and keep spreading the word!

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